Friday, January 29, 2010

Face The Facts Friday-Today was a ......

See that is me light enough to float away!!! HA HA!! LOL!!
Today the scale says I lost
9 pounds!!!
I am totally excited!! Perhaps exercising 2 times a day is the key? I say exercise but really all I am currently doing is body flex in the morning (20 mins) and Zumba in the afternoons. Although due to its kickbuttedness I can only do the 20min express for now, so it is only a total between the 2 of 40 mins. I know that it is not likely to keep this number off permanently but I am going to enjoy it for now. I have tried some new great recipes that even the kids like that I will be sharing on Mondays so be sure to check back to see them.
1. Did I do intential exercise 5 days? (yes 2 times a day even)
2. Did I record everything I ate? Not everything but a big improvement from last week
3. Did do something to heal my mind? Yes!!
(one of many things was attended our ward Emotional Wellness Workshop)
Thank You Jason! Thank you friends and family! Thank you Blog! Thank You to my Heavenly Father especially for being with me without fail! I am full of gratitude today!


  1. Yeah!! So glad things are working for you. Keep going baby, you can do it! I love you!
    Loving Hubby

  2. Emily,
    Check you out!! My only advice is to stay consistent. Even if it is for 30-40 minutes a day! Also the more strict you are about your food and entering in everything....the more you will see fall off. And on the flip end....the better you record, the more fun treats you can enjoy when you are below your calorie intake! Remember reward yourself!! If you reward yourself it makes it worth it! I'm so proud of you! Sorry for rambling!! Best of luck and keep us informed!

  3. Woo hoo!!!! That's awesome, Emily!!! You make me want to get up and hop on the treadmill.

  4. ok Emily!!! You have done it! You have made me want to start my own new weight blog!! Way to go on the weight loss this week!!!!!! Whoo hooooo!! Thank you for the inspriration!!!!!!

  5. Here is the link to my new blog!!!

  6. congrats i know it aint easy may you hit all your goals