Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Words of Wisdom Wed-My First Guest BLOGGER!! GREAT INFO! DON'T MISS!

I have had a reader ask me about info on how to get ready to run a 5K. I have no idea how to go about that but I know someone who does. This is Nick. He has a great blog at that I read all the time and you should definitely go and visit!! Nick is my sisters hubby, one of my favorite niece and nephew's daddy and my totally awesome Bro-In-Law!! Nick is all that and most importantly a good friend
He has a great success story in his weight loss!! (I love hearing about others successes!! Man, it so inspires!) 
So with out further ado I give you Nick!!

When Emily asked me to write about my weight loss I was super excited to talk about it. I find it kind of awkward to bring up your weight loss around others. This is giving me the opportunity to tell people how I did it. When I first decided to begin my weight loss journey I weighed 218 pounds and according the BMI chart I was obese, not something I was very happy about. I had always been blessed with being thin and very active. I got married and started a job that was not so active and I didn't change my eating habits so I began to gain weight hand over fist. My one major down fall was sugar. I would blast thru two boxes of Charleston Chews and have 360 calories to deal with. I was not doing anything about those calories except adding more and more crap on to the pile. So I decided that I was going to stop eating anything with refined sugar including candy, cake and sugary drinks , yes I still drank diet soda all the time. I also ate more chicken, drank more ice cold water but that was really all I did to change my diet.

I decided that I was going to do something about this once and for all and lose the weight.

I went to a discount clothing store and bought some Nike running shoes and shorts and then headed to the track. I luckily live very close to a high school so I walked to the track and started walking the curves and runnig the straights. I thought I had gone for a good amount of time and to be honest I was super exhausted as well. I thought I had been there for about an hour but when I looked at the clock on the stove I had only been gone thirty minutes ten of which I was walking back and forth from the track. I was very discouraged. I gave up for a week! The next time I decided to work on my weight I was loading my iPod with tunes and was thinking on how I could be more productive during my workouts. I decided to look on iTunes for a Podcast on “Running”. I hit the jackpot! I clicked on the first one that I saw and it was “Podcast for Running” by Robert Ullrey, loaded it and I was off. Oh yeah did I mention, they are free, because they are. 100% free workout tools to help you get to the you that you want to be!

This particular podcast was an interval workout plan that would be ran three times a week with an off day to recover from the run and to work on other parts of your body. This is how the intervals work out:

A 5 minute fast paced walk to get you warmed up

Then 1 minute of running/jogging

Then 90 seconds recovery during which you walk fast

You do the run/walk cycle above around 7 times

Then have a 5 minute cool down.

I have found another intervals podcast named “Podrunner Intervals” by Podrunner which was created about seven months ago and which I would have done if they were around when I was doing the podcast by Robert. I mention this other podcast because some people really enjoy Roberts podcast but you might want to have a different one to check out since they are free to download. It's the same work out as Roberts but with much higher intensity and an easier way of knowing that its time to run and time to walk. Check them both out since they are both free.

In the long run, no pun intended, at the end of the three and a half months I weighed 175 pounds. I had lost 48 pounds from not eating sugar and running about 6-8 miles a week.

Thank you again Emily for letting me tell my story and I hope it has inspired at least one of you to get out there and get the body you deserve to have!

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  1. I think you are just wonderful!! I am planning on dong a 5K. Thanks for all your tips! Tammi Hall~