Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Talk about it Tuesday

Yesterday on the Dr Oz show he talked about Salt and the dangers of it. It is the single biggest preventable reason for High Blood Pressure. (Heaven knows I need help in this area) He said it causes vascular and cardiac damage, and obesity in addition to high blood pressure. He also mentioned that you don't have to be suffering with high blood pressure to be recieving the health problems that salt can deliver. He said that dont think that if your blood pressure if fine you dont have a salt issue. Dr Oz had a gentlemen on who was what he referred to as a salt addict. WOW! I know I probably need to cut the salt.  Dr Oz even has a 28 day detox program.  I am almost positive I use way to much salt.  I'm just not sure I am ready to cut it completely. Perhaps I am an addict too. LOL! I think I will start small and cut shaking it on the food first.  What do you think? Could you give up the salt? Let me know...I love hearing from you. If you are interested in checking out Dr Oz or the 28 day detox program go here...
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  1. As you cut back you will really start to notice the salt that is already in the food. I noticed it the most at one of my favorite fast food places - KFC. I really love their extra crispy chicken, but the mashed potatos had almost too much salt already in them.
    Good luck lover, I know you can do it!
    Loving Hubby

  2. yeah salt is like smoking totally addictive but totally preventable may be we could tax salt like cigs