Friday, February 19, 2010

Today I.....

Today the scale says that I gained 2.6 pounds.  I expected as much because this week has been pretty naughty. Starting with Valentines Day on Sunday (and no, I did not hold back on the yummy goodness) and finishing with a chocolate appreciation night last night (yes I planned it too!) and everything in between those days. LOL! I have nothing to blame but myself. I don't feel as sad as some weigh ins have made me.  Probably because I expected it. So now on to face the facts....
1. Did I exercise all 5 days? yes
2. Did I record everything I ate? Still a no (this has got to be a factor)
3. Have I done anything to heal my mind? yes
How are you doing? Have a success story you want to share? Contact me!!

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