Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let me tell you all about it

The weekend of the 20th started off so wonderful! My amazing hubby planned an awesome mini vacation getaway for us to celebrate our 18th Wedding Anniversary and can I just say I loved it so much! (not one single attempt to keep to any weight loss regimen was even considered LOL!!) I find myself longing for that time with him, just us, all the time. I miss our weekend!  He is truly my best friend and I am irrevocably in love with my sweetheart! The only bummer about the whole weekend is that our littlest cherub was running a fever. There were a lot of phone calls made to the sitter to make sure all was well with her and I was continually reassured that she was doing fine. (non refundable tickets) By the time we got home Monday we had another child starting to fade and that began the ripple effect.  One by one, sick kid, by sick kid, they all fell victim to the nasty stuff. Our one and only boy on top of the rest of the nastiness got to enjoy pink eye too. Argh! Now I am there. Sick is me. Not to mention (the cherry on top) is that my blood pressure is not coming down and I am miserably swollen (like cant bend my feet swollen, like every time I step I feel my feet jiggle swollen) in the feet and legs and I am feeling totally exhausted and I am surprised my head hasn't exploded. Headaches have come to stay. I should also mention that my favorite doc was volunteering in Haiti and unavailable for help. He got back yesterday. YAY!  In spite of all this I feel like I am in pretty good spirits. I have an appt to see my Doc on Sat to try and fix the blood pressure problems and all seems to be on the mend with the kids which hopefully means this too shall pass for me as well. Anyone else feeling sick? Are we in this together? Comment me and let it all out!

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