Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stevia-Works for me-Mostly

First let me say,  I am learning a lot about how things like sugar, carbs and chemicals effect my body.  In my research I have discovered Stevia. (by the recommendation of a doctor) It is a 0 calorie sweetener unlike sugar or even splenda (which is pretty much sugar). My first try of stevia did not go well.  I tasted it right out of the bottle off a spoon and it was not good and the after taste was even worse. YUCK!! Well not wanting to give up we headed to Sunflower Market and found some that claimed no bitter after taste and also had some what sounded like appetizing flavors.  So, we bought some and took them home. Again I try it right out of the bottle and off a spoon. YUCK!! Gag reflexes, watery eyes and all.  My sweet hubby not wanting me to give up suggests I try it in something.  He made me up some herbal tea and added the vanilla creme stevia to the mug.   WOW!! There were fireworks and pillars of light from Heaven and a Angelic Choir singing Hallelujah!!! Ok maybe not quite that good but it was good enough that I can use it. (just not plain LOL!)
For more info on stevia here is a link...

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