Friday, April 9, 2010

Face the Facts Friday-?????

ANYONE OUT THERE???? Comment so I know you are! My face the facts friday is bad and good.  I gained from my doc restrictive diet but lost from when I started back with my body bugg.  I call this week a wash.  I feel good having my feet back on realistic solid ground.  Now the next step is to get back to the regular exercise and I should be back on the way down.  Loves to all!!


  1. I am here! Yes, getting the regular exercise will be a good thing for you. It was working before, and now that you have a head start and are back on the bugg it will really be effective. If you need help with daily reminders, I am willing to do that for you.
    I love you. - Loving Hubby

  2. we are you!? I am going through withdrawals!!!