Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Slow Loss IS ok.

Even though losing weight slowly may be healthier, dieters can still get discouraged. Instead of being tempted to give up, follow these suggestions:

•Take body measurements – Rather than fret those weeks when you’ve only lost .2 pounds or even worse, stayed the same or gained some, take those body measurements. With a tape measure, record chest, waist, and hips measurements. Chances are, if you’ve been following your weight loss program, you have lost a few inches.

•Stay positive

•Buy or try on smaller-sized clothing

•Use a bathroom scale indicating .2-pound increments –

•Compare lost weight to objects - By comparing even a fractional weight loss with actual objects, you can receive a good idea of what you have lost. For example, if you've lost “only a pound”, stick a pound of butter around your stomach. Then, take stock of the overall weight loss. Ten pounds would equal a 10-pound bowling ball. Twenty to thirty pounds, a toddler. A fifty-pound weight loss is about the size of a five-year-old and for a 50-70 pound weight loss, you’ve lost a large dog such as a boxer.

Losing Weight Slowly but Steadily

Several weeks of the scale not budging could be due to a weight loss plateau. If this is the case, it’s natural to be concerned, so make some adjustments to get the scale moving again, such as cutting more calories or enhancing your exercise routine. Just remember that weight lost at a slower rate is healthier whenever discouragement tries to force you to give up on your diet.

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