Monday, May 11, 2009

I lost again!

Well this was another great week! I lost another 3.65 pounds! YAY! I did have to take Thursday off to allow my one persistent blister to heal. (with Stacey my dear walking buddies suggestion and blessing after I showed her the lovely little thing) I am also not getting any new blisters either thanks to my trek trick. I am wearing knee hi nylons under my socks and it is really working to keep the blisters away. Something about reducing the friction helps a lot! I bought some insoles for my shoes too. Anyway, I think even the last blister is finally nearly gone and I will have another great week. I also noticed a strange phenomenon on Thursday. My body actually missed the exercise!!! WOW! I never thought I would see the day. I am doing my best to use the wii as much as possible meaning when the kids will allow me to. I unlocked super hula and it kicks my butt for sure! We (mom, dad and the kids) are all having a little underlying competition to be the top scorer in the different categories in the wii. Its been fun! Stacey and I have also decided we are going to buy the kids summer movie tickets and walk the kids to Jordan landing instead of riding and get them and us a little extra exercise too. It should be fun!

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  1. Check you out!! Isn't it awesome to watch it come off and know you are doing something!! Keep it up!! I'm seriously so excited for you!!