Monday, June 15, 2009

Still loseing!

OK I have been a bad naughty blogger lately. I have discovered facebook and it is sucking my life away. I have promised myself to change and get the balance I so need...anyway with that said I will be posting pictures soon but just wanted to put a quick update. I am down 17 pounds now! YAY! I also haven't had a week yet that hasn't been At least a small loss. (knock on wood!) Thank you Stacey for walking and talking with me every single morning! (PS everyone is invited who wants to walk with us! Call me for info) Thank you Kara for letting me in on what you were doing so successfully! Thank you body bugg! I am very glad that I have finally found the program that works for me. Be watching for the pictures soon! (it is really hard for me to post pictures of me even with a loss but it is getting out of my comfort zone that allows me to grow and change for the better. right?)


  1. Hooray!!! That's great news!!! Can't wait to see pictures. We love you!

  2. Congrats!! i'm so excited and can't wait to se pictures!!!

  3. Hi lover! I am so proud of you for finding something that is working for you and sticking with it to your goal. I love watching the changes in you; not just your size but also in your love of self and life. I will help you get some pictures up that you like and that show the Emma we all love.
    I love you. Your loving hubby