Friday, January 8, 2010

Face the Facts Friday-My first week I.......

This week I actually worked on the weight sorta but not really and the scale says so.  I consider this weigh in my starting weight and I am NOT happy with it. I am very sad that I have reached this number and I am feeling the tears well as I type.  I know that I call this the face the facts Friday and I have done that. I know what my weight is but I am so scared about being that vulerable and putting it out here today. I cant do it...  Here is what I have decided to do...I am going to write today hideous weight on a piece of paper and seal it in a envelope to be revealed later when my mind has done some healing. When I see a number that high I wonder if it is even possible. I have to lose a whole person. Can I? Will I? I have decided to have 3 FACT THE FACT Catagories to keep me in check every friday. (more could be added as I go) Here they are...
1. Have I done intentional exercise 5 days this week?
2. Have I recorded every food I have placed in my mouth?
3. Have I done something to work on healing my mind?
Also I need to set a goal and reward plan for myself. I will work on this and post when I figure it out. I will be dusting off all of my "The Seceret" too to help put my mind in the proper place.  Argh I am so depressed upset and angry!!

My Facts this week
1. Intentional Exercise everyday? YES
2. recorded every food that goes in the cake hole? No
3. Healing of the mind? No
So, theres the part problem.  2 Nos for this week. Here's to hoping next week will be a good one. I know what to do from here.
Do you have a success story you want to share on my blog? (heavens knows I need inspiration at this point) let me know!! I would love to feature your story here!!
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  1. Hi baby. I know these are the hardest parts and when faced with them it is easier to give up. Know that we support you and are cheering for you. I love you.
    Loving Hubby

  2. Dear Emily, I know you can get going again. I remember seeing you walk with your friends and thinking how much I admired you! You actually even helped me get going! Focus on just losing five pounds or even just forming a new habit. Call me anytime you need to talk.
    Love ya, Tammi~

  3. Emily!!!!! You are amazing! I have been thinking about doing a blog and here you are!! I am so proud of you. Keep it up! I know that you can do it. When I read your blog I was laughing, crying and feeling the weight pain right with you!! I especially laughed about the Body Flex..... it is so funny. And I remember the cans we used too!!! I think I just lost a pound laughing!! nope... it's still there :(
    By the way, I want to buy a body bug like you.... let me know where I can get a good deal please.
    You can do it!! i know u can... I will be checking back next week....... love ya and miss the heck out of you!!!