Friday, January 15, 2010

Face The Facts Friday-My weigh in today says........

I lost 5 Pounds!!!!

Wow!! I am stoked!! For as down as I was last week this feels great!! (Can we say mood swing? LOL!) My goal is to lose 1.5 pounds a week so I am not counting on this to be the norm but I am going to enjoy the moment for now. HIP HIP HORRAY!!!
 As for my 3 categories....
1. Did I do intentional exercise 5 days this week? YES and one day I exercised 2 times but to let you in on a little secret it was Body Flex that I consistently did 5 days and let me tell you when you finish Body Flex you are always thinking, Really? That was it? Really? Did I just exercise? I promise you it works though!!
2. Did I record everything that went in the mouth? NO (this next week will be a focus on that) Although I tried really hard to not eat until I was hungry and stop when I was full like thin people would.
3. Have I done anything to heal my mind? Kinda....My bishop gave the leaders in our ward a awesome book called Good to Great that I am reading and learning alot. Does that count???

I am still working on the goal/reward list. I am having hard time wrapping my head around doing something from me for me.  Any ideas for rewards? I suppose this goes back to healing the mind but all the same I am stuck.  Comment me and offer suggestions! Both big and small... Also this week I want to start some before pics.  I am imaging a slide show that will show me melt away 1 week at a time. Thank you my blog friends and lover Hubby!! Keeping you in my mind all week helped so much!!!

Ps interested in Body Flex? The original I use is like $3.99 at amazon.  Click here to check it out...

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  1. Hey Emily, I thought that I posted on here on Friday..... but I must not have. I just wanted to say WAY TO GO!!!!! That is so great!!! Keep it up. One question, are you using the boddy buddy during the week?