Friday, January 22, 2010

Face the Facts Friday-Today I ......

This morning the scale is telling me I gained 2 pounds. I am So sad. I have to remind myself that I wasnt religious with the food choices I made at all.  I have to remind myself that my goal is only 1.5 pounds a week and so I am still on track with my goal due to the awesome loss last week. I can reflect on what went wrong this week and make a change for next week. I hope that weight loss can happen for me. Can it? Am I doomed to be trapped in this body I despise? Dont get me wrong I love the gift I have been given by my Heavenly Father in receiving a body but I am so ashamed on how I have taken care of it!!  I don't believe this is the real me...It isnt. I would feel peace if it was. So, now on to face the facts;

1.Did I do intentional exercise 5 days? Yes
2.Did I do something to heal my mind? No
3. Did I record everything I ate? No

So this coming week I will record all the food going down the gullet. I will definitely need to work on healing my mind this week because I am going to need it and of course I will keep on exercising...On a happy note I got my zumba DVDs this week so I am going to work on adding that to my day too. I am also very much struggling with my rewards for my goals.  Why? I do. not. know. but I am. Finally,  Life is a daring bold adventure or nothing at all, and it wouldnt be an adventure without a few pitfalls and cliff hangers so I will do my best to take this is stride. How was your week?  Let me know!! I'd love to be inspired!! I need to be inspired!! Love To All!!!

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  1. We all fluctuate baby. Is a natural thing to see small gains when you are watching your weight more often. Before, it was months between weigh in's; so now you will begin to see your body’s natural rhythm. Is all good. You are on the right track, just keep at it. I love you!
    Loving Hubby