Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year New Me?

Any guesses what my New Years resolution is??? Yep I want to, of course, loss weight. I know that my little blog is key to keeping me focused and on track so here is the plan. I need to visit here daily in order to keep the loss in the forefront of my mind. I have written me a daily schedule and hope that it will be the one thing I am missing.

Monday-Mouth Watering Mondays-Healthy but still tasty good recipes (they must taste good or I cant do it)

Tuesday-Talk Show Tuesday-(or Open mic night) to post whatever is on my mind

Wednesday-words of Wisdom Wednesday-tips I have found, quotes of inspiration etc

Thursday-That works for me Thursday-Product review (some "healthy stuff" just isn't good or doesn't work and some is awesome! I will post my opinion)

Friday-Facing the facts Friday-Weigh in and thoughts on my gain or loss and new pictures occasionally

Here's to the new year and the new me and my hopefully better blog!!

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