Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Talk about it Tuesday-Am I addicted????

This morning I was pondering my relationship with food. I know that I have many emotions involved with my eating. I definitely do not eat just to survive. When do I eat? Oh, when I am happy or have something to celebrate, when I am down, when I am bored, spending time with my cute hubby always is centered around a meal, I love to cook for my family etc etc etc.....I am concerned that I am possibly addicted to it. YIKES!!! So, the Internet comes to the rescue!!! I found this article at http://www.allaboutlifechallenges.org/food-addiction.htm Here are the questions it asks about determining if I am an addict....

1. Do you eat when you are not hungry or feel low or depressed? Me=yes

2. Do you eat in secret or differently in front of others than when you are alone? Me=kinda

3. Do you consume inordinate amounts of food and then purge later with vomiting or laxatives to get rid of the excess? Me-Nope (but does it count if I have thought about it?)

4. Are there foods that are harmful to you, but you eat them anyway? Me=Yes

5. Do feel guilty after eating? Me=ummm almost every single time

Then is goes on the say that if you have answered yes to any of the questions then you are likely addicted to food. Well....Crap. I guess they say the first step is admitting you have a problem.....So.....My name is Emily and I am a food addict???

The article goes on to say that it is a loss of control. The individual understands that the way they are eating is harmful but continues the destructive behavior. It also taught me that the addiction is both mental and physical. It even states that in a food addict certain foods (like proteins in milk, sugar salt or wheat depending on the individual) will have a narcotic effect or mimic painkillers so when they (I) are feeling down or depressed and the right food is consumed it causes a literal physical high and the the cycle goes on to cause guilt and it will lead to the same eating pattern again to feel better.

WOW!! I know that I am powerless to beat this on my own! Thank you blog for being my motivation to stay on track! Thank you friends and family for loving support and most importantly Thank you to my Lord who walks beside me now as he always has and who will heal me!

Exodus 15-26 For I am the Lord that healeth thee

PS 2 days of exercise so far this week!! YAY Me!!

Let me know what you think!!! Do you think you are struggling with an addiction too? Let's help each other get through this together!!


  1. I am an addict!!! I know it. As a matter of fact today I ate at Eat a Burger. It has been what two weeks since dads surgery? THat is sick and twisted! I know that I am heading down that same path and have a head start becauseof my genes and still I go and eat a bacon cheeseburger and a bucket of flipping fries! If that is not addiction I am not sure what is