Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday!!-Body Flex

Years and years ago I found an awesome program called Body Flex. If you haven't heard about it Body Flex is a specific kind of deep breathing exercises along with isometric and isotonic stretching positions. When I did it I was amazed with the inch loss and additionally how great I felt! I am definitely going to be picking it back up in my daily routine. I have purchased more than one of Greer Childers versions of Body Flex but I honestly think my favorite is the original actually. BTW Lexi did Body Flex for the 2 weeks before Jr Prom and was able to get into a dress she couldn't zip before. It REALLY works!!!! I do believe I lost my first 10 pounds laughing my head off while learning the technique but it is amazing!! Don't take my word for it though. Check out the site!!
What do you think??? Leave me a comment!
PS Have a weight loss success story you would like to share??? I would love to tell your story here on my blog!! Inspire me Baby!! Comment me and let me know!!


  1. Hi Lover. Glad you are sharing some of your stories. I can't watch you do this one, as you know, for the same laughing my head off thing. Is very funny to watch but I can't get the hang of the technique. Good luck and all my love.
    Loving Hubby

  2. Thanks for posting this! Even though I generally try and do at home workouts without equipment, because of the relatively large costs of workout equipment, this looks like an amazing product. Great review!