Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Talk about it Tuesday-Once upon a Time (saturday night actually)

Once upon a time in a castle far far way, No scratch that, Ummm.... once upon a Saturday night (last Saturday that is) in a little house not so far away Queen Emily had a mighty pain in her back. Ok. ok, enough fairy tale talk....Saturday, while I was getting into bed I had what I would describe as a major muscle seize.  It hurt like a bounder and I could not move much at all.  It was nearly like an out of body experience.  I kept thinking is that me moaning??? I have got to stop this pain but I also need to get that crazy lady to stop all the racket!!! Needless to say, It was bad and I felt worse for Dear Hubby having to hear it. Anyone who really knows me knows that I truly suffer in silence usually.  Sound from pain is not me, but it hurt and how!! I finally was able to fall asleep after heat and pain killers and thought I would be fine.  Nope. Sunday night it happened again. Time to see the doc. Well, Monday at the doctor's appt, my back was the least of his worries. I arrived with a fever and a low oxygen level not to mention high blood pressure STILL!?! I complained of a killer but random cough that had been worsening.  He has decided to switch the heart meds (the cough and low oxygen levels and high blood pressure will resolve hopefully with the new meds) if not we will get to go back to try new meds and tests until we find and fix the problems.  He said that muscle pain will come and go and most likely it was a muscle cramp that got me in the back. He was happy about the weight loss and told me it was too fast for his liking (WAHOO!!! I HAVENT EVER BEEN TOLD TO SLOW THE WEIGHT LOSS DOWN!!) That made the copay worth it right there!! Now I am supposed to take it easy for the next few days to watch the back.  What? I am still planning on my body flex but need to wait on zumba for some healing. That isnt my favorite advise but I will do what I need to for the back to not ever feel the pain I had this weekend for sure!! (only a couple of days mind you)

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  1. So that's what that was all about. I thought I was doing good... JK of course. I am sorry about your back baby and will do what I can to help. Just keep your chin up and you will be back to doing zumba in no time. I am always in your corner. Love you.
    Loving Hubby