Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Words of Wisdom Wed-Tips for Burning More Calories

What weight loss boils down to is burning more that you take in. Period. Regardless of the method you choose to work for you.  If you are one who loves food you are going to need to burn a whole lot more calories over someone who can put the cake down. I am one who likes the food. (see my food addict post LOL!) so I need to burn a lot of calories during the day. Here are some tips I found at body bugg. Check them out!! I love my bugg!! Thank you body bugg!!

Tips for Increasing Your Daily Calorie Burn

• Take the stairs instead of the elevator every chance you get.

• Park a couple of blocks away from the office and walk to work.

• Take regular breaks and walk around the office building.

• Park in the back of the parking lot when shopping and running errands.

• Use a portable phone and stand or walk while you talk at home and at the office.

• When watching TV, do chores or light activity during commercial breaks.

• Put away laundry and groceries in smaller loads.

• Take a stroll during your child’s practices.

• Play active games with your children such as Tag, Hide and Go Seek, and Red Light, Green Light.

• Encourage after-dinner family outings such as walks, bike rides or skating.


  1. Those all sound really good. I will do my part in helping you walk further. As you know I am not one that has to park in the first 3 stalls at the mega mart, but I will now try and look for places further out for you. Should be easier to find a spot anyway. I like the after dinner stuff too once the weather warms for us. I love you. Keep on keeping on!
    Loving Hubby

  2. Hey Em,
    Random question! Are you still doing the vinyl lettering? I want one or two sayings for Ethan's new room and haven't decided yet. Do you have different fonts? Can you do different colors? Let me know, I've got to put together all that I have and then I will know what I want to do and can let you know if you still do it.

  3. This post made me smile because I am the kind that Incredible Hulks my seventeen grocery bags in the house in one trip! LOL!! I will have to start doing more trips since I can't put the fork down!