Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Smart Taste Ronzoni Works for me Wed!!

This last weekend we were invited to dinner to a good friend's house and she served some yummy spaghetti with an amazing sauce.  She offered wheat pasta and original pasta which started a conversation on how there are some fair to partly crappy wheat pastas on the market these days.  Needless to say the brand we at was awesome and it was Ronzoni brand.  My friend mentioned their smart taste line and I had to check it out.  It actually has more fiber in the smart taste than the wheat!!  I am very impressed and happy to recommend it. Good Job Ronzoni on both the wheat and the smart taste! Here is what they have to say about their product....

RONZONI® SMART TASTE™ is a new member of the New World Pasta family of brands. What's so special about RONZONI SMART TASTE? It's the first white pasta to be enriched with Fiber, Calcium and Vitamin D-- and lots of it. RONZONI SMART TASTE is an excellent source of Fiber and contains Calcium and Vitamin D equal to an eight-ounce glass of milk. Studies show that many diets are lacking in these three important nutrients. Plus, RONZONI SMART TASTE is lower in calories and fat than traditional pasta. That means RONZONI SMART TASTE is the same great taste -- the smart taste --your family loves but with greater nutritional value.

RONZONI SMART TASTE Taste comes in seven delicious varieties:




Thin Spaghetti

Penne Rigate

Angel Hair

Extra Wide Noodles

RONZONI SMART TASTE is part of New World Pasta, the leader in healthy pasta. Our family of brands consists of Ronzoni Healthy Harvest® and the New World Pasta classic white pasta brands of Ronzoni®, Creamette®, Prince®, American Beauty®, Skinner® and San Giorgio®. New World Pasta is also home to Light 'n Fluffy® egg noodles. Learn more about New World Pasta.

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  1. This stuff was good, and I am a person who usually doesn't eat pasta. When I do I usually just put a little butter and parm on it. Thank you to C and W for introducing us to it! Keep up the great posts baby! I love you! Loving Hubby