Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Talk about it Tuesday-I like Cheese! OK!?!

Ok people! I am struggling. Guess what? I like cheese! OK? I like a sugary treat especially a pastry and they taunt me something fierce. I am tired. I sometimes feel like my place is to make my fellow earthlings feel better about themselves. I'd be the one they would point to and they will say see, at least you aren't as bad off as she is. LOL! Yes. Perhaps I was placed here on the planet to improve the curve for everyone else.  Perhaps I am destined to be the fat friend that people stand next to in order to make themselves look better. ARGH!! What is going on in my head? This weight lose stuff is a tough opponent! I am fighting, but feeling weak. It is hard!! (Someone cue the Rocky theme!) Can it be done? It's so much to loose!! Can I leave my old ways behind and make the change permanent? I would love to be the next come from behind success story but do all those stories end that way? Are there stories that end in Not so happily ever after? I want my story to end in with huge success and lots of Atta Boys!! Argh!! Please let this funk leave me soon! Ive got to get back to work! Comment and tell me what you think! Are you struggling? Have you beat the funk? Comment! Hey also, if you love me would you please sign up as a follower? loves to all!! Oh, One more thing, I am looking for success stories to help me feel inspired. If you have a story that should be told or know someone who does let me know!


  1. Hi lover. What prize do I get for being your 1000th visitor? :) I am sorry to hear you are struggling, but glad you have the courage to be open and tell everyone that yes, you are human, and that you struggle too. Everyone does, and it is a big thing to hang yours out there for everyone to see. I know you are headed in the right direction, just have to go one step at a time and be patient. It took x number of years to get to this point, another x to decide that you needed to change, and will take a little longer to reverse it all. I know you can do it!! I am here by your side to help all I can. I love you Emma!!
    Loving Hubby

  2. I am in a crazy funk!! I love pastries and cheese too! So very much. I feel like it is becoming a poisonous relationship though. Don't people break up with people that harm and hurt?! HAHAHA! No seriously though.... I have a problem