Friday, June 25, 2010

Face the Facts Friday

So I have put on a small amount of weight since the last time I weighed in which was awhile ago.  I don't feel too bad because I didn't do much to prevent it. It is me reaping the results of my actions.  I did find a great list of low cal/healthy snacks that should help my plight!!(I'll be sharing them Monday) Also, I have been incredibly surprised how much more cals my sweetheart burns in a day and I'm taken back by how doing even just a little bit more changes how much I burn!! Even not asking the kids to bring me something but getting up and doing it myself makes a huge difference! ( I bet some of you are saying duh to the computer screen right now LOL!! but we are all come in at different levels RIGHT?)  I am grateful that this doesn't feel as much like a diet.  I can eat whatever I want (technically) as long as I burn it off and the lower the calorie intake the less working out I have to do and veggies are about the best way to get said low calories. WOW!! I've taken in a lot in a few days!! WHEW!! 
Here's to a new beginning!!!

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