Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hello my Friend!! I've missed you!!!

What a interesting 4 weeks I have had while I haven't been posting. Talk about ups and downs but regardless.....It is time to recommit!!! I wish I could say that I KNOW that I can do this.  Clearly it hasn't happened yet but I BELIEVE that I can.  My sweet hubby decided to get himself his own body bugg. (probably to nudge me more than anything) and we both put them on yesterday morning.  I wonder how many re commitments I will need? I suppose as many as it takes. LOL!!  My goal is to lose a pound and a half each week.  I think that is doable, not too outrageous, but big enough that I will see results. (even if they are small)  The basics are that I will be sure to have a calorie deficit of 750 cals a day by burning more than I take it. Sounds simple right? One would think....HA HA!! I will be searching high and low for good foods, both in taste and in health. (if its nasty I cant eat it.) I have some great exercise programs I am SUPER excited about that will be put to use. I am so thankful to be moving forward with my best friend and hubs this time.  I know it will make a big difference to be doing this together! Also, I have some awesome friends (one special gal in particular) who haven't given up on me.  Even when I have shown all signs of being dead in the water.  THANK YOU!!! You are my heroes!!! See you tomorrow.....I promise.


  1. Emily, I think that's a great idea that your hubby got one. I got Kurt one for Christmas about a month or two after I got mine. It was so much easier to lose the weight together, because we were both watching what we were eating. It's always easier when you have a partner! Be careful always seem to lose it faster, seems like they burn much more then us! :) So don't get discouraged!

  2. Yes we have noticed that a little already. Emma and I both were a little surprised at how many calories I actually burn in a day. I want to do what ever I can to help Emma lose the weight that she wants to so badly. Besides, I really could stand to lose some myself. And I know my food choices aren't always the best, as evidenced by the TWO double cheeseburgers (880 cal!) from McDee's last night. At least I didn't eat any fries. :)
    I love you Emma! I am behind you when you need a nudge, am beside you when you need support, and in front of you when you feel you have lost your way. You are the reason I exist, my everything, my soulmate. I love you.