Friday, July 23, 2010

Today I lost....

The scale says today I lost .4 pounds.  Hey! That's 4 times what I lost last week!! All kidding aside, I didn't exercise or log my food.  I deserve a gain let alone a loss at all so I will take it with a hearty handshake and run! I need to get the exercise going! I need to be less tired so I can get the exercise going! I need to go to bed early so that I will be less tired so that I can get the exercise going! WHEW! That's quite the to do list! I can do it! I can re commit again this week.  Thank you blog for giving me something to be accountable to!
loves to all!


  1. Sleep... I remember that! Just kidding. Yes, we do need much more sleep. I will try and help; I know I am the one keeping us up mostly.
    Good job on loss baby. Not me this week, but I can do better next week.
    I love you Emma

  2. I think any loss is better than no loss! It is going in the right direction!!