Thursday, February 24, 2011

My menu-

My menu

Thursday 24th
Dinner-Holiday Chicken Salad on Croissants with Caesar Salad

Friday 25th
Lunch-mac and cheese
Dinner-????MOM and Dad out

Saturday 26th
Breakfast-eggs and toast
Dinner-marinated fish, baked potatoes and steamed carrots

Sunday 27th
Breakfast-pancakes and syrup
Lunch-Homemade chicken noodle soup and hot bread
Dinner-cottage cheese and fruit

Monday 28th
Lunch-PB and J and veggie or fruit
Dinner- out for Lindsay’s b-day cake and ice cream

Tues 1st
Lunch-hot dog salad on crackers veggie or fruit
Dinner- easy shrimp New burg over rice, broccoli, sugar free jello

Wednesday 2nd
Breakfast-applesauce and toast
Lunch-tuna salad on crackers
Dinner-tilapia marinated, tomato vegetable spaghetti

Thursday 3rd
Breakfast-malto meal
Dinner-hamburgers, green salad and oranges

Friday 4th
Breakfast-pigs in blankets
Lunch-out with Anne Marie!!! (wish me luck with the new "lifestyle")
Dinner-MOM and Dad out! Simple dinner for kids their choice

(this is the remains of our old menu that didn't get used last week and the beginnings of a new healthier menu friendly to weight watchers points plus...
next menu will be all OP friendly)

PS anyone know a great bread that is low points??? Enquiring newbies want to know...

PSS any recipes you want just ask and I will post!!!

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