Friday, March 18, 2011

Weigh In

So this morning I weighed in....I didn't gain or loose.  Exactly the same as last week.  Considering that I had a bad week including a lovely "eating" holiday (St Patricks Day) yesterday I will take it.  Much better than a gain anyway.  I actually had a recipe give me a major hiccup.  I needed to calculate the points and kept putting it off and putting if off etc.  In the mean time, I was waiting to log all the rest of the food I was eating, thinking that I will get them all down as soon as I finish up that specific recipe. Needless to say I never did get that recipe figured and the logging was spotty at best.  BTW  I run into a problem when I figure recipes....I have a site that helps me find the nutritional facts (click here to get the the site) but I have difficulty deciding how many servings the recipe actually has.  Especially on a pot of soup.  Any suggestions? All in all, I will call this week a win because I was truly expecting a gain.  Here's to next week and more exercise and better journaling!!
Loves to all!!   


  1. Your doing awesome! Love your weight loss totals! You are on your way to looking good in a swimsuit! Keep on going!

  2. Thanks Katrina! Yeah Im going to look great in a swim suit AND/OR find that certain someone to sit by too!! (thanks for the awesome tip!! YOU rock!!) :)