Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I got My Body Bugg!

Hello Everybody!

Great News! I got my Body Bugg on Thursday of last week. I was very happy to see it and I started wearing it on Friday morning. I was excited to see that the band actually fit. (I worry about weird stuff like that) It is surprisingly unnoticeable to me (pretty comfy for an armband with a mini computer attached) mostly, except when I am tempted by food and then there it is to tell me , "hey if you want that, its cool, but you understand it will mean time on the treadmill later." I am even sleeping in it without a problem. Also, surprisingly, only one person has noticed it and asked about it in the last five days. It is fairly inconspicuous. As of this morning I have averaged a deficit of a little over 800 calories a day so it will be interesting to see how the weigh in goes Friday morning. I wish the website was a little more user friendly but other than that I am impressed and pleased so far.

Friday night we went to A**lebees for dinner for our weekly date night (yes my sweetheart spoils me! Thanks babe!) and asked for the nutritional info on our food. They wouldn't give us a print out of everything but told us after we ordered (made for choosing what we wanted a little difficult but nothing we couldn't work with) they could bring us the info. I was shocked! Our appetizer was 1200 cals my grilled chicken sandwich with fries (yep fries are of the devil) was 1200 cals and Jason's meal was 1500 something cals! I only ate half of my sandwich and a few fries and half the appetizer and when I downloaded my cals burned and entered the food I had eaten I had a surplus of 37 cals. I spent some time on the treadmill and brought it down to a 300 deficit but I definitely learned something that evening about food.

Also for you wii fans out there we finally found wii fit in stock at Best Buy and picked it up. The whole family is working with it and it has been fun! The bummer was seeing my little Mii plump right up after it weighed me. Oh The AGONY! LOL! The kids and hubby are better than me on oh every. single. category. but I know that I have to take my lumps to some degree. I put myself here after all and I only have up to go from here.
See Ya Soon!


  1. Keep it up Emily! Next time you go out to a restaurant like Applebees look at the online menu first, just in case they won't give it to you while you're there. That's what helped me when I was trying to lose weight. (I think it's stupid that they wouldn't give you the nutritional information when you asked. Rotten!)

    Have fun with the Wii Fit! I'm seriously thinking of trying that, too.

  2. There are a lot of nutritional information certain restaurant websites. Also thedailyplate.com is a good one to look certain places like applebee's. I'm not positive exactly how accurate but it gives you an idea. Eating out is so hard, I have to plan where we go if I can and then save up my calories in the day if I need to!! Good luck with the BB, let me know if you have any questions. I'm excited to hear about your weigh in on Friday! Good luck!