Thursday, February 4, 2010

That works for me Thursday-Diet Power!!!

I have had some great emails over this short (so far) journey and one that I loved the most was from my good friend Holly.  I have known Holly since 1989. GO COUGS!! She is a neat lady and has offered some great advice and I think some of it should be shared. Also, I have had more than one person ask about body bugg. I think might be a great alternative for any interested, and it is on sale through Feb 6th!! Here is what Holly had to say to me about Diet Power.

"I use is they have a free two week trial and then to buy the software if you like it is about $50.(Honestly, I haven't tried any others but loved how visual this made things for me from the first use)

You set a goal, you input what you eat and your exercise, it keeps track of your metabolism and calculates how many calories YOU need to reach your goal. It is a bit time consuming at first to enter your food, but the more you do it the less time it takes. (I enter each meal right after I eat it and it probably takes me about 5 minutes a day) I have found this to be so helpful."

She also mentioned interval work outs which I am currently looking into and will return and report what I find but it looks super exciting from here!! Be sure to check back!

Thanks Holly!! You are awesome!!

PS you can check out Diet Power at

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