Friday, February 5, 2010

Fact the facts Friday-today the scale says I........

So this morning I didn't have a loss or a gain. I maintained the same weight.  Not bad considering I I couldn't do my zumba after by back spazz.  I was a little bummed but I will take that over a gain. This next week I will be able to do zumba and I am looking into in interval exercise too. Now for the Facts,,,
1. Did I do intentional exercise 5 days? No I missed Monday
2. Did I record everything that I ate? No (DANG!! why is that so hard for me? I'm guessing that it is because the truth hurts and this is probably a key to getting things done)
3. Did I do anything to heal my mind? No.
Sheesh not a good week considering the facts.
No wonder there wasn't a weight loss. Next week has to be better!!
Do you have a weight loss story you would like to share?
Let me know!! I would love to feature you on my blog!!!
PS my son wants me specify that the pic on the post isnt me. LOL!! He is such a cutie! Having a boy is a joy! I wouldnt trade him for the world!! Thank Heavens for my small (nearly pocket size) gift from Heaven in my boy!

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  1. Hey Emily!!! Just wanted to check in on you.... Way to go!! I think that it is good that you maintained!!!! I love reading your blog. I dont' get to it as often as I want too, but it is fabulous, and I want to try those fries!!! mmmmm.. Hey, I started my own blog... not doing to good. It is hard to write in... and I am only doing it 3 times a week..... haha well, check in on my and thanks for the great inspiration!!!

    Keep it up..... I am so happy for you!!!