Friday, September 3, 2010

Face the Facts Friday (just for you sis!!) LOL!

So I weighed in this morning.  I was scared to say the least.  I have been wallowing the the dust of my falling off the wagon again.  The only thing I have been religious about this last while is doing my best to rid myself of my caffeine addiction. (talk about headaches! First I was afraid I was going to die and then I was afraid I wasn't going to die LOL!!) but I am finally there.  I still drink it when we (my most adorable husband and I) go out because I have a need for "special" water that my father in law distills for us.  Nasty water sends me over the edge and most restaurants serve it.  I didn't realize how much different tap water was until I was only drinking his steam distilled water but now I can definitely tell!! AND I don't want to drink a sugary soda so most times the only option is the diet cola but I am no longer buying it to have in my home and only get it once or twice a week. I am very proud of myself! I am drinking A LOT more water because of the cut back on the soda!!  The other thing I picked up is treadmilling in my garage every day for 45mins to an hour.  Which has been an adventure in and of itself.  Including my little angel Sarah locking me in the garage.  Don't worry! I got out.  LOL! (and it only took about 15 minutes too) So, My results.....I have lost 3 pounds!! Wow! Jason, (super hubs!) told me to focus on exercise, getting more sleep, and drinking more water. Not to worry about the food at all until these things are mastered.  That is all I have done.  Thanks babe! YOU ROCK!! Thank you to my sweet baby sister for giving me the nudge to write again! Its nice to know someone is looking for me out there!! Loves to all!!


  1. You are welcome baby! Am glad to help where I can and always support you wherever you are.
    I love you Emma!

  2. YAY!!!!! I only lost 2 pounds last week and it sent me into a tail spin of despair!! I am glad to see you back. I love this blog but I know how busy you are so don't keep going for me (keep going for you! You have done amazing things since starting this blog)!