Monday, March 7, 2011

My Menu

Monday 7th
lunch-Soup and zucchini
dinner-Homemade Chili w homemade hot bread and Angel food cake

Tuesday 8th
breakfast-Cinnamon Toast
lunch-jenny o turkey hot dogs and fruit
dinner-Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and broccoli

Wednesday 9th
breakfast-Malto meal
lunch-tuna and crackers
dinner-Skillet mac and cheese and tabboulah salad

Thursday 10th
breakfast-French toast
lunch-V-8 and something from the freezer
dinner-Cranberry turkey sandwiches and green salad

lunch-cauliflower-I LOVE CAULIFLOWER!!!
dinner-Hearty bean dip and corn chips for the kids (Mom and Dad date night!)

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